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Is Dwight available for speaking engagements and events?

As you can imagine, Dwight has an extremely busy schedule, especially during the NBA basketball season. Dwight also supports his D12 Foundation events and periodic initiatives that support his core mission of early childhood education and literacy. Therefore, we have to prioritize the numerous invitations Dwight receives. If you would like to inquire about having Dwight speak at your event, please email


Does Dwight offer prizes that support charitable auctions or raffles?

Dwight has a huge heart and a very generous soul. We receive numerous requests for donations to support charitable events and fundraisers every year. While Dwight would like to support everything, we have to be selective in the donations we’re able to provide. If you would like to make a request for a donation, please email


Is Dwight available for media interviews or editorial contributions?

Dwight loves the camera, and with many years of interviews and show appearances under his belt, he’s really good at presenting information and content in a manner that media can really utilize. His availability depends on the time of year and what his overall schedule holds. If you are a member of the media and would like to inquire about availability or ideas for projects, please contact


Can I get involved with the D12 Foundation?

Want to help Dwight fulfill his mission of supporting youth in our community and around the world? Apply to be a D12 Ambassador! Volunteer opportunities may include greeting youth attending games, assisting him with community activities or participating in literacy efforts. To learn more about the D12 Foundation and to apply to be an ambassador, click here.


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